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As a professional manufacturer of dry powder mortar additives ,our products can be widely use for tile adhesive mortar to ensure installations go faster, easier, and with predictable results time.

The re-dispersible polymer powder model ZJ-6015,ZJ-6020 and ZJ-7015 to be used in tile adhesives mortars have the standard for industry performance. From high-strength construction epoxy adhesive to thin set or thick bed mortar, our re-dispersible polymer powder is custom-formulated to deliver speed and efficiency on the entire range of applications, it offers major advantages in terms of speed and productivity over the competition.

Different projects call for different features; and adhesive products are designed to meet these specific needs. Thin set adhesives and mortars feature unique wetting characteristics, products reinforced with special ingredients for unmatched non-sag performance, products with long open times, and products built with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew.

When specifications call for mortars and adhesives, trust our reputation and choose us !

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