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Gypsum Retarder Powder--ZJ-G19

Gypsum Retarder Powder
Product Description
As a powdered high efficiency gypsum retarder powder,ZJ-G19 is one new product based on G18 , A protein-based
high-efficiency gypsum retarder, which is chemically modified based on animal protein.
Technical Data
Fields of Application
ZJ-G19 is widely used in gypsum-based systems, such as plastering gypsum, spray machine plaster, gypsum based products,
and gypsum sealing material.
Application Recommendation
ZJ-G19 should be mixed with other dry materials, its dosage usually varies from 0.01% to 0.3% of the total weight of dry
materials. However, the actual dosage should be determined through suitable tests for different products and application.
Package and Storage
Package: 25kg/bag
Storage: The product should be stored in dry premises at 5-35with months to avoid absorbing moisture.
Safety Information
Detailed safety information, please check Material Safety Data Sheet