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TDS ZJ- 7015 EN

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder  


Technical Data Sheet

Product Description                                                                                                                                                                                   

ZJ_7015 is a rigid vinyl acetate/vinyl redispersible copolymer latex powder. It has excellent anti-saponification properties. It is especially suitable for use with other inorganic binders such as cement, lime and gypsum or as a bonding component for the manufacture of high adhesion tile adhesives, putties, self-leveling, repairing mortars, etc.


ZJ-7015 contains a fine mineral anti-caking agent and does not contain any solvents, plasticizers and filming aids. It can improve the adhesion, flexural strength, plasticity, wear resistance and workability of the modified mixture, and has no adverse effect on the fluidity, thixotropy and water retention of the material.

Technical Data

Solids content(130℃,30min)


Ash content (1000℃,10min)


Bulk density

540±50 g/L

Average particle size


MFFT approx


Tg approx



l                      Tile and construction adhesives

It is recommended for the manufacture of tile adhesives, with good frost resistance, heat resistance and high adhesion. The recommended dosage is 1.5~3%.

l                      Self-leveling floor / floor material

It is recommended to add 1.5~5% when preparing self-leveling floor materials. To obtain a fast-condensing system, Portland cement, high alumina cement and gypsum are used together. Usually, it is also necessary to add a certain defoaming agent.

l                      Plastering and facing mortar

Adding 2% to 5% to cement or lime-cement based finish plasters to improve adhesion, abrasion resistance and flexibility.

l                      Internal and external wall putty and gap filling agent

According to different strength requirements, it is necessary to add 2~3%, as well as other organic additives,such as cellulose ethers,starch ethers.


This product is packaged by kraft paper and plastic film lined bag, 25kg /package.


ZJ-7015 should be stored in a cool place and protected from moisture. Since the product is thermoplastic. It should not be subjected to pressure of high temperatures during storage because of the risk of caking. Storage time should not exceed 6 months from receipt of delivery.