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Sulphonated Melamine Polycondensate


Technical Data sheet

Product Description                                                                                                                                                                                           

ZJ- SMF Super Dry Powder Active Super Plasticizer is made from centrifugal spray of suffocate melamine resin polymer. Due to the larger superficial area, the flow ability of dry powder is very excellent. It is not easily moistened and has a good effect of dispersing. The product is on a par with MetmentRF10 and can completely substitute the products of the same type which is produced overseas. ZJ- SMF Super Dry Powder Active Super Plasticizer has a great adaptability to cementing material. It can be used for the making of gypsum products, refractory materials, oil well fixing concrete and special types of concrete.

Technical Data



Water Content


SO42- Content


Quantity of mixing

(0.2-1.5) %



PH Value(50% aqueous solution,20℃)


CL- Content



Non-toxic,Non-dangerous Item


Fields of Application

ZJ- SMF Super Dry Powder Active Super Plasticizer is well compatible with other types of plasticizer; it can be utilized to adjust the comprehensive functions of other plasticizers.

ZJ- SMF Super Dry Powder Active Super Plasticizer can also be used as the main component of waterproof materials to improve the permeability of concrete and mortar; it can also be used as a part of concrete components, together with materials like UEA, to compound self-waterproof concrete.

ZJ- SMF Super Dry Powder Active Super Plasticizer is used to compound intense concrete, liquid concrete, steamed concrete, polymer concrete, intense mortar and intense base grouting materials.

Application Scope:

ZJ- SMF Super Dry Powder Active Super Plasticizer can be used in αand βsemi-hydrated gypsum and anhydrite powder. The water reducing rate is great and the strengthening effect is obvious. The quantity to be mixed is 0.5-1.2% of the quantity of gypsum powder. It can improve the plastic viscosity of the gypsum slurry and in addition the degree of finish, durability and abrasive resistance.

It is widely used in non-metal abrasion resistant floor materials, self-leveling mortar and self-leveling color mortar. It can be used with other types of floor materials to exert a full blending effect; and it has good dispersing effect to pigment. It is able to improve the floor surface’s hardness and degree of finish, prevent from cracking and guarantee a mild and fresh color.

Package and Storage

25kg/bag,The product should be stored in dry premises at 5-35℃ with months to avoid absorbing moisture.

Safety Information

Detailed safety information, please check Material Safety Data Sheet.