Defoamer PowderZJ-D130

Anti foaming agents ZJ-D130
ZJ-D130 is an efficient dry powder anti foaming agents used in construction industry ,with good broken bubble velocity and bubble suppression, suitable for neutral and alkaline system, and can be compatible with most other additives.

Technical Data
Appearance White powder
Particle Size ≤150μm
Residual Moisture ≤2.00%
PH Value(10%water solution) 6.0-8.0

Self-leveling Mortar
Grouting Material
Bearing Mortar
Repair Mortar
Joint Mixture
Decoration Mortar
Waterproof Mortar
Gypsum Application

Recommend Dosage
After use with dry mixing mortar mix, add water gently, recommended dosage is 0.05% to 0.2% of the total weight of mortar .The real dosage can be adjusted according to requirements for mortar surface state.
Package and Storage
15Kg Paper Bag,ZJ-D130 should be stored in a cool place and protected against moisture. Since the product is thermoplastic. It should not be subjected to pressure of high temperatures during storage because of the risk of caking. Storage time should not exceed 6 months from receipt of delivery.

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