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Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) are multi-layered exterior wall systems that are used on commercial buildings and homes. They provide superior energy efficiency and offer much greater design flexibility than other cladding products. Not only do EIFS come in limitless colors and a wide variety of textures, but they can also be fashioned into virtually any shape or design.

EIFS today are one of the most tested and well researched claddings in the construction industry. EIFS is in full compliance with modern building codes which emphasize energy conservation through the use of CI (continuous insulation) and a continuous air barrier. Both these components are built into today's EIFS products to provide maximum energy savings, and reduced environmental impact over the life of the structure. Along with these functional advantages come virtually unlimited color, texture, and decorative choices to enhance curb appeal and enjoyment of almost any home or structure.
We highly recommend our products Redispersible Polymer Powder model ZJ-6020 ,ZJ-6015 & ZJ-7015 ,with Sulphonated melamine polycondensate ,the effect will be better .The the actual dosage should be determined through suitable tests for different products and application.Please spend some time in our products Galleries and take a closer look at our company profile!

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